Room & Suites

Room & Suites

June 15, 20212023-11-01 8:06

While other boats feed on modern and sophisticated designs and styles, Adela Boutique Cruise still maintains the original traditional styled designs with wooden specifics…

$388 Per Night
1 bed
1 bathroom

Our Junior Suite meets all of your standard requirements for a comfy stay in Lan Ha Bay. Each cabin offers...

$414 Per Night
1 bed
1 bathroom

Located on the 2nd deck, a Senior Suite cabin gives you a brilliant view of the bay with a full-length...

$440 Per Night
1 bed
1 bathroom

The Executive Suite offers you state-of-the-art facilities with a spacious balcony overlooking the bay, a large resting area and an...

$557 Per Night
2 beds
1 bathroom

The triple suite features a room setting for 3 single beds or 2 beds ( 1 double bed and 1...

$806 Per Night
4 beds
2 bathrooms

The connecting cabin includes a junior double cabin room and triple room or 2 connecting triple cabins. This setting would...

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